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We can help you grow your audience and convert them in to paid clients or customers. Specializing in brand development, video production and content design we can increase the direct response to your message.
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Direct Response Production

  • "Putting your toe into the DRTV world for the first time can be a scary proposition. Thankfully, we found the perfect partner in Jeff Young and the entire ShadowBox team. Jeff was recommended to me by several folks in the Direct Response Production (DRTV) space, and now I see why Jeff has had such a long and successful career in this unique area of media. eMeals couldn't have been more pleased with our commercial, and we look forward to working with ShadowBox again in the future."

      -Scott Jones,
       VP Content | Partnerships, eMeals

  • "Jeff Young is the kind of Executive Producer that Client, Crew and Talent all love. Everything is buttoned up on Jeff's set, with no egos, or attitudes. Jeff leaves you feeling good, which is the way I want to feel when I'm on the road, away from my family about to pour my heart and soul into a performance. To make sure I was comfortable Jeff even insisted on picking me up every shoot day at my hotel, even though he paid to rent me a car!! Little things are big things and Jeff Young figured out long ago that being a GREAT Executive Producer means they're ALL big things."
      -Beau Rials,
       Celebrity Pitch Man

  • "I have worked in DRTV on the agency and client side for 15 years. In that time I have worked with all types of production companies. Jeff and his team are second to none when it comes to all around DRTV creative and production capabilities. Their willingness to work with you at every level of the project ensures that they deliver a quality product on time and on budget. Even better our collective track record of success is unlike any I have experienced before. I would recommend Shadowbox to anyone looking for a top-notch DRTV production group."
      -Angela Menzen-Daisy
       Managing Director at Value Group Direct
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  • Car Shield Infomercial and Commercial Direct Response
  • Oasis Financial Direct Response Brand Marketing
  • HydroShot Digital Marketing IOVideo
  • Nutrisystem Brand Development

Marketing and Advertising

Brands rely upon a range of specialized agencies to enhance their value through campaigns with multiple touch-points. ShadowBox Pictures is focused on realizing agency creative teams with high value, hassle free production for broadcast and digital channels. Our video, animation, and interactive programs leverage stunning visuals into presentations and campaigns. If you work in Medical and Scientific Communications, Digital Agency, Media Agency, or are the Agency of Record, or manage your brand, the core creative team at ShadowBox can help you as a seamless partner in your process.
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  • FLUAD Brand Marketing Video Production
  • NJ Lottery Brand Marketing Video Production
  • Natrel Brand Marketing Agency
  • AC Moore Commercial

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing team at ShadowBox Pictures has more than 12 years experience in online marketing. Working with companies in the auto, medical, law, sports and retail industries as well as small to medium businesses of all varieties.

Corporate Communications

ShadowBox has worked alongside corporate clients and communications agencies for over 25 years, producing multi-touch, multi-platform media for targeted audiences. Our video, audio, 3D-animation, website and interactive presentations, all reach B2B [business-to-business] and B2C [business-to-consumer] audiences. Our team is flexible, enabling you to engage our services at any level of involvement. Brand managers and agency teams bring ShadowBox into the fold to help bring their vision to reality, launching an innovative product or service, educating industry peers and consumers, always building brand identity.
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  • Medical Pharmaceutical MOA Agency
  • Nuvaring Brand Marketing Digital Agency
  • Interactive Video Production IOVideo digital agency
  • Medical Insurance SEM Marketing agency


Our Medical division specializes in full service medical, pharmaceutical MOA, And scientific 3D animation, Video Production, And More. All of our services are custom made for your needs. Creating beautifully rendered medical animations, filming medical professionals and actors, or developing engaging trade show content or mobile applications.
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  • Pharmaceutical Pathways
  • Risperdal Consta
  • MOA Animations
  • Medical Device Demonstrations

Activation and Immersion

ShadowBox is an innovative experiential and activation leader, we tether brands and their users via passionate and emotionally charged creative immersions.

Our innovations and experiences alter how people interact and engage through the power of experience.
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ShadowBox Entertainment Group, LLC is a production company with a focus on developing and creating entertaining and financially sound product for world wide distribution. Through well positioned partnerships, we are able to help bring both Feature Film and Documentary projects to life.
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  • Father of Invention Video Production
  • Cops And Robbers - Michael Jai White - Quinton Rampage Jackson - Tom Berenger
  • Fright Fest Video Production Agency
  • Treasure Hunter - Randy Couture Video Production
Inogen One®
Inogen One® worked with ShadowBox to develop their latest Infomercial and short form commercials featuring William Shatner.

Creative Development
Short Form and Long Form Commercial Production
Post Production
Celebrity Management
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